Our Commitment


We are committed to being a veteran-centric organization that identifies, enhances, and fulfills the careers, interests, and well-being of veterans and their families.

AMERICAN SYSTEMS is proud to support our nation’s military through our long-standing work in national priority programs. We are equally proud of the many men and women who have served our country and have chosen to “continue the mission” at AMERICAN SYSTEMS. Almost half of all our new hires have served in the military at some point in their lives.  

The Servicemember Outreach And Referral (SOAR) program is a platform for our employee veterans to strengthen the camaraderie, recruitment, onboarding, and morale of fellow veterans through engagement inside and outside our Company.

So whether you are transitioning from your military career or have been in the civilian workforce for decades, we welcome you with open arms—and thank you for your service.

Peter L. Smith, President & CEO, AMERICAN SYSTEMS


Need to translate your military experience into civilian speak?  Try this link!


Recognition & Awards

Through our outreach and hiring initiatives, AMERICAN SYSTEMS has earned the recognition of the following organizations.

Our Outreach

We partner with many other organizations nationwide that put veterans and their families first.

Our Veterans

In their own words, some of our many employee veterans share their stories—their experiences, their lessons learned, or simply tales from the heart. We are honored that they are part of our team. 


Dayton M.

Former U.S. Air Force Tech. Sergeant

Integrity first, Service before self, Excellence in all we do, is the core values that the U.S. Air Force has taught me throughout my 12 year career. I faced a lot of giants as a young Airmen hoisting up a camera; supporting humanitarian operations, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom, and many others.  I learned about the value of leadership, comradery and self-control. Commitment to one’s country is one thing, but the commitment to one’s self requires discipline. After my time in service I strived to help take care of people, no matter the task, no matter the mission, no matter the circumstance. These values have spilled over into my career with American Systems. Having the right tools, the right leadership, the right company, has helped bring out those core values in everything I do as an Employee owner.  


Charles W.

LTC, Signal Corps, U.S. Army Reserve, Retired

Mission First, People Always. Dad pounded that into me as a kid; I am an Army brat.  Dad commissioned me and Mission First, People Always became my guiding theme.  After a military career I brought that mantra to the civilian world.  Take care of the customer, get the job done, and take care of your people.  Ensure your people are trained, have the time, resources, to complete the task for the customer.  Let your people know they are valued by you, their manager, and by the Company.