Carrie Schori - (703) 968-5033


AMERICAN SYSTEMS has 79 partners available through this contract vehicle.

For more information on our ENCORE II contract, visit our ENCORE II website.

Contract Number: HC1028-08-D-2011


Total Value (Ceiling): $12.225B

Period of Performance: 1 June 2008 through 31 May 2013, with five 1-year Option periods

Description: The ENCORE II contract vehicle provides DoD and other federal government agencies a convenient means of purchasing the full range of IT solutions, from IT engineering and integration to hardware/software procurements and IT operational support services. ENCORE II supports task orders to accomplish activities related to 20 IT areas.

Functional Service Categories:   

  • TA1: Enterprise IT Policy/Planning

  • TA2: Integrated Solutions Management

  • TA3: Performance Benchmarking

  • TA4: Business Process Re-engineering

  • TA5: Requirements Analysis

  • TA6: Market Research

  • TA7: Information/Knowledge Engineering

  • TA8: Application Development

  • TA9: Product Integration

  • TA10: Test & Evaluation

  • TA11: Asset Management

  • TA12: Communications Engineering

  • TA13: Security Engineering (CA)

  • TA14: Telecommunications Support

  • TA15: Computer-Telephony Integration

  • TA16: Web Services

  • TA17: Operations Support

  • TA18: Hardware

  • TA19: Software

  • TA20: Managed Services

Contract Vehicle Available to: DISA, DoD, and other federal government agencies

Labor Categories: 88 IT Labor Categories Available; Designated key personnel positions are Task Order Project Manager, Principal Systems Architect, and Principal Information Engineer

Seaport Enhanced

For more information on our Seaport-E contract, please contact the following individuals at AMERICAN SYSTEMS:

Zone 1 - Northeast Zone
Steve Saunders - (401) 847-8280 ext 8012

Zone 2 - National Capital Zone
Steve Metz - (202) 266-4470

Zone 3 - Mid Atlantic Zone
Steve Metz - (202) 266-4470

Zone 4 - Gulf Coast Zone
Jeff Jancek - (407) 956-8220

Zone 5 - Midwest Zone
Bill Butler - (703) 968-5014

Zone 6 - Southwest Zone
Frank Muller - (619) 725-5339

Zone 7 - Northwest Zone
Randy Brezler - (360) 519-3347 ext 6601

Contracts Manager
Jack Baker - (703) 968-5225

Customer Satisfaction
Steve Metz - (202) 266-4470

Contract Number: N00178-04-D-4010

Title: Seaport Enhanced

Total Value (Ceiling): $38 Billion

Period of Performance: April 5, 2004 - April 4, 2019

AMERICAN SYSTEMS and our team members (PDF) are proud to be able to offer our engineering and technical services to Navy customers in all seven geographic zones under the SEAPORT Enhanced contract. We have compiled a diverse team with offices across the country in order to provide excellent, innovative solutions and dedicated technical services (PDF).

QA Program: Quality Assurance of AMERICAN SYSTEMS products and services will be performed throughout the life cycle of the contractual activity or the design, development, and integration of the product. Those QA procedures to be implemented are documented in the Program/Project Management Plan (PMP) or the manufacturing plan. The PMP, which will include a discussion of the quality elements for the products and services to be provided, is required to be approved at the program/project kickoff meeting and will be posted in the Project Development Tool (PDT) folder in MS Outlook. AMERICAN SYSTEMS will invoke the applicable tenets of Standard Policies and Procedures (SPP) 16 in the purchasing documents we provide to our subcontractors/vendors, which will constitute a formal flowdown of requirements that the subcontractor/vendor must meet in executing their scope of work.

Task Orders/Technical Instruction http://www.seaport.navy.mil/ 

Click Here to view our Team Members (PDF)
Click Here to view our core capabilities (PDF)

Our Task Orders


For more information on our EAGLE II contract, please contact the following individuals at AMERICAN SYSTEMS:

Program Manager

Carrie Schori - (703) 968-5033

Deputy Program Manager

Bill Butler - (703) 968-5014

Teaming Coordinator

Carrie Schori - (703) 968-5033

Point(s) of Contact to provide information on customer satisfaction with the services performed will be provided on a Task Order basis. Please reach out to the AMERICAN SYSTEMS EAGLE II PMO for details.

Contract Number: HSHQDC-14-D-E2022


Total Value (Ceiling): $22 Billion

Period of Performance:
The EAGLE II contract has a five (5) year base period (beginning on 7/31/2013 and extending to 7/31/2018) and one (1) two-year option period.

AMERICAN SYSTEMS and its Team Members shall provide the full range of IT services, technical and management expertise, and solution-related enabling products in one of the functional categories (FCs) to meet the mission needs of the Department of Homeland Security. As identified in individual task orders, information technology solutions/capabilities will support DHS on a world-wide basis.

The Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions II (EAGLE II) is a Multiple Award, Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract to provide information technology (IT) solutions through performance of a wide range of support services.

AMERICAN SYSTEMS offers the following under FC1 – Service Delivery:

  • System Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration

  • Software Design and Development

  • Operations and Maintenance

Contract Types: 
The types of TOs issued against EAGLE II may be Cost Reimbursement, Time and Materials (T&M), Labor-Hour (L-H), and Firm-Fixed-Price (FFP)

All TOs received under this contract can be viewed at: http://www.dhs.gov/eagle-ii

QA Program: 
AMERICAN SYSTEMS commits to delivering high quality, cost-effective technology services and management solutions designed to meet or exceed client requirements and expectations throughout the life of the contract. We will empower employees and supporting personnel to infuse quality and excellence in the services and products we deliver, integrity in the manner in which we conduct our business, and manage all contract aspects with a proactive customer- centric focus. 

Quality Management and Control. AMERICAN SYSTEMS’ Quality Management System operates under the Quality Assurance Policy and key delivery and business office functions are specifically certified under ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Sytems – Requirements. Our corporate QMS is a comprehensive approach providing quality management guidance and independent assessment of project management and business management processes. Our QMS also includes management processes to monitor and measure performance against established metrics; these have proven to be effective on other IDIQ contracts to enhance visibility into performance and provide verifiable results. Internally, we will implement customer-focused, metrics-based monitoring and oversight to ensure each EAGLE II client's satisfaction, successful work product completion, and cost-effective, quality service throughout the duration of the contract.

AMERICAN SYSTEMS' VP will provide the PMO consulting and advisory support to ensure standard policies and procedures are implemented, matrix support staff is trained, and PMO and task order quality surveillance activities are planned and reviewed. All task order personnel are trained on our QMS on their first day as part of our task order orientation procedures. Our VP will be included in the initiation phase of new task orders to ensure that our standard processes are included in all QA plans; that tailored QASPs are prepared; and that any additional QA activities are identified. QA inspections and reviews, feedback, measurement, and analysis are key components of the QMS to ensure quality objectives are achieved. QA processes are applied to the internal program management-level operations and to project-specific work activities. As part of our QMS the VP ensures quarterly customer satisfaction evaluations—including EAGLE II PMO executive staff review and support of ongoing task orders—are conducted in accordance with established standard policies and procedures.

Quality Management Plan. AMERICAN SYSTEMS will include a specific Quality Management Plan (QMP) in each TORP response.  This plan describes the quality management (QM) strategy and provides a basis for planning, performing, managing, monitoring, and measuring TO QM activities.  The individual TORP response will address roles and responsibilities of the TO team to achieve the specific QM activities and methods planned to verify exceptional quality service and product delivery.  

List of Team Members

NETCENTS-2: Network Operations and Infrastructure Solutions, Small Business

Program Manager

Byron Johns - (703) 968-5264

Alternate POC

Carrie Schori - (703) 968-5033

For more information, visit the NETCENTS-2 NetOps Website 

NETCENTS-2 Task Order Registration Form (Word Document - Submit completed form to our NETCENTS-2 PMO)

Number: FA8732-14-D-0019

Title: NETCENTS-2: Network Operations and Infrastructure Solutions, Small Busiess

Total Value (Ceiling): $5.8 Billion

Period of Performance: April 2015 through May 2018, with four 1-year Option periods

Description: The Network-Centric Solutions-2 (NETCENTS-2) contracts provide the Air Force with a primary source of netcentric and IT products, services, and solutions. NetOps and Infrastructure Solutions support network operations, core enterprise services, and infrastructure development and operations. Learn more here (PDF).

Efforts Supported:

  • Enterprise Level Security/Management and Implementation/Operations

  • Network Management and Network Defense

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

  • Telephone Infrastructure and Services

Contract Vehicle Available to: All Federal Agencies without restrictions.


For additional information about AMERICAN SYSTEMS E-SITE contract contact our E-SITE PMO.

Program Manager

Carrie Schori - (703) 968-5033

Contracting Officer

Jack Baker - (703) 968-5225

Security Officer

Debby Stahl - (703) 968-5313

Number: HHM402-15-D-0010

Title: DIA Enhanced Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise (E-SITE)

Total Value (Ceiling): $6.0 Billion

Period of Performance: 5 year ordering period (basic period and four annual option periods)

  • Base Period 17 July 2015 – 16 July 2016

  • Option Period 1 17 July 2016 – 16 July 2017

  • Option Period 2 17 July 2017 – 16 July 2018

  • Option Period 3 17 July 2018 – 16 July 2019

  • Option Period 4 17 July 2019 – 16 July 2020


The Enhanced Solutions for Information Technology Enterprise (E-SITE) contract provides worldwide coverage of IT requirements and technical support services supporting the Government through system design, development, fielding, and sustainment of global intelligence and Command and Control (C2) assets vital to the security of the United States (US). E-SITE, a multiple Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicle, supports both classified and unclassified programs on multiple networks and security domains. The services and capabilities supported by the E-SITE contract will provide responsive, flexible, adaptive, and timely solutions for participating organizations to satisfy current and future IT requirements. E-SITE is a multiple award contract vehicle that allows for competition between E-SITE Task Orders for work at the Task Order level.

 Task Areas Include:

  • Functional Area 1 - Enterprise Activities and Services

  • Functional Area 2 - Customer, Work Center and Field Support Services

  • Functional Area 3 - Mission & Business Applications, Tools, Portals, and Web Services

  • Functional Area 4 - Enterprise Computing, Storage, Shared and Field Services

  • Functional Area 5 - Network and Communications Services

  • Functional Area 6 - Cyber Security and Information Assurance Services

  • Functional Area 7 - Other Special Services


Contract Vehicle Available to: Participating Agencies include DIA, CCMDs, Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, Joint Reserve Intelligence Program, National Command Authorities, other Department of Defense (DoD) Agencies, multi-national partners (e.g., coalition and alliance), and both DoD and non-DoD members of the Intelligence Community (IC) or other departments or agencies that consume services from the IC members.

Labor Categories:  39 IT Labor Categories available over four levels.

Information Technology Enterprise Solutions - 3 Services (ITES 3S)

Program Manager
William E. Butler - (703) 968-5014

Army Account Manager
Babak Nouri - (703) 968-5135

Navy Account Manager
John Steckel - (703) 968-5043

Erin Ballowe - (703) 968-5068

Ordering Information 
Please refer to the ITES-3S Ordering Guide

Number: W52P1J-18-D-A091

Title: Information Technology Enterprise Solutions - 3 Services


The ITES-3S contract is the Army’s preferred source for the purchase of a full range of services and solutions within CONUS and OCONUS. The IT services solutions include but are not limited to the following task areas: Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Information Systems Security, Information Assurance, Information Technology Services, (CAD/CAE/CAM), Development, Software/Middleware Development, Enterprise Design Integration and Consolidation, Education/Training, Program/Project Management, Systems Operation and Maintenance and Network Support.

ITES 3S contract details:

  • ITES 3S is a decentralized vehicle - orders may be placed by any DoD or Federal Agency Contracting Officer

  • There are no fees associated with placing orders against the ITES-3S contract

  • ITES 3S has a $12B ceiling and a 9-year period of performance, beginning January 2019

  • IITES 3S allows for a wide variety of contract types subject to the Ordering/Requiring Activity requirements.   

  • All task orders are placed and distributed via the CHESS IT E-Mart


Seaport Next Generation (Seaport NxG)

Program Manager
William E. Butler - (703) 968-5014

Navy Account Manager
Carl Cramb - (703) 968-5354

Erin Ballowe - (703) 968-5068

Contract Number:  N0017819D7111 

Title: Seaport Next Generation (Seaport NxG)

Total Value (Ceiling): $50B

Contract End Date: December 31, 2028

Vehicle Type: Single Agency, Multiple Award Contract (MAC)

Contracting Agency: U.S. Navy / NAVSEA



Government User Fee: None               

Task Order Types: Cost-Plus Fixed Fee, Firm Fixed Price, Cost Only


SeaPort-NxG is the follow-on to the Seaport-e Multiple-Award Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) contract and supports task orders under two broad functional areas – Engineering Support Services and Program Management Support Services with 29 subcategories between the two large functional areas (see below). NxG has a five-year base and five-year option ordering period, with a potential value of $5 billion per year or $50 billion over the 10-year contract life span for all Seaport-NxG awardees.  AMERICAN SYSTEMS will be competing with the other prime contractors for task order awards from a variety of Navy agencies.

Engineering Services

  1. Engineering, System Engineering, and Safety and Process Engineering Support

  2. Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support

  3. In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation & Checkout and Provisioning Support

  4. Measurement Facilities, Range, and Instrumentation Support

  5. Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support

  6. Research and Development Support

  7. Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support

  8. Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model-Making, & Fabrication Support Program Mgmt. Services

  9. System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support

  10. Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RM&A) Support

  11. Inactivation and Disposal Support

  12. Biochemical Engineering Support

Program Management Services

  1. Financial Analysis and Budget Support

  2. Quality Assurance (QA) Support

  3. Functional and Direct Programmatic Administrative Support

  4. Professional Development and Training Support

  5. Analytical and Organizational Assessment Support

  6. Database Administrators

  7. Public Affairs and Multimedia Support

  8. Logistics Support

  9. Configuration Management (CM) Support

  10. Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support

  11. Computer Systems Analysts