What We Do

AMERICAN SYSTEMS is a government services contractor focused on delivering valued services to our customers in areas of National Priority...that is keeping our nation and its citizens safe from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
We know what's at stake.
In the Business of Your Mission


MERGE™ is the AMERICAN SYSTEMS Service Delivery Framework designed to provide quality independent services, or end-to-end solutions comprised of multiple services. Through MERGE, we can put our talents and capabilities to work enhancing and improving the mission-focused value chains of all our clients.


MERGE is a framework modeled around proven methodologies such as ITIL, and presents both AMERICAN SYSTEMS and our clients with measured assurances that the services we provide accurately and optimally support business services and desired mission results. Simply put, MERGE helps provide orchestration of the resources AMERICAN SYSTEMS brings, so we can reliably predict who, what, when, and where resources will need to perform to ensure optimal results for every clients service delivery. Our clients benefit from the "competent agility" we provide using MERGE, as all competencies are linked throughout AMERICAN SYSTEMS. This linkage allows us to both anticipate change, and collectively be flexible enough to address changes with the wealth of proven people, processes, and tools we maintain.

By leveraging MERGE, we address service delivery as two distinct phases: PLANNING and DELIVERY. Both of these phases are further developed to ensure that becoming part of each client's value chain is possible, and that what we deliver is timely, accurate, optimized, and transparent — success on your terms. Because we believe we can always achieve greater efficiencies, MERGE gives AMERICAN SYSTEMS and our clients continuing measurements of quality and performance. This also allows us to propose new mission-aligned ideas, as well as help move our services gradually in line with the future visions of our clients.


All agencies and businesses AMERICAN SYSTEMS supports have a value chain that begins with a centralized mission and ends with the customers they support. Throughout this value chain, our clients deliver value to their customers directly through business services, comprised of business processes. As a premier provider of professional and mission-critical services, AMERICAN SYSTEMS seeks to merge our talents and capabilities with the value chains of our clients.

The key to our clients successfully benefiting from the services we provide is our MERGE Service Delivery Framework. MERGE has evolved and revolves around the concept of "competent agility." We start with baseline knowledge of the services we provide [competence], gained through many years of experience, and then tailor and customize those baselines [agility] to best accommodate the unique missions, business processes, and environments of our clients.

By making our services part of each client's business value chain, we take on stewardship of that specific piece of each client's mission.


Through corporate-wide commitment and dedicated governance of MERGE, everyone at AMERICAN SYSTEMS shares a common approach across all service offerings. This approach promotes client satisfaction through repeatable and predictable activities and results.

Part of that corporate-wide commitment includes the way customized Service Delivery Models (SDM), based on the MERGE framework, have become a part of every service we provide. We tailor and customize each SDM to the unique environments of each client's mission — supporting the business and technology processes of our clients.

Our Service Management Office (SMO) is the entity focused on providing governance for MERGE. This dedicated team of corporate professionals manages and coordinates the maintenance and maturing processes of MERGE and its tailored service delivery models.

MERGE is more than a mere framework — it is a "living entity" which is continually matured with dedicated governance and corporate-wide commitment. In this way AMERICAN SYSTEMS has created a reliable, efficient, and mission-focused way to place our people, processes, and tools within a client's value chain and provide either independent or comprehensive services as needed.

To learn more about MERGE, contact Pete.Pflugrath@AmericanSystems.com​