Seaport Enhanced

For more information on our Seaport-E contract, please contact the following individuals at AMERICAN SYSTEMS:

Zone 1 - Northeast Zone
Steve Saunders - (401) 847-8280 ext 8012

Zone 2 - National Capital Zone
Steve Metz - (202) 266-4470

Zone 3 - Mid Atlantic Zone
Bob Coles - (757) 548-0708 ext 3016

Zone 4 - Gulf Coast Zone
Jeff Jancek - (407) 956-8220

Zone 5 - Midwest Zone
John Manning - (703) 969-5356

Zone 6 - Southwest Zone
Frank Muller - (619) 725-5339

Zone 7 - Northwest Zone
Randy Brezler - (360) 519-3347 ext 6601

Contracts Manager
Jack Baker - (703) 968-5225

Customer Satisfaction
Steve Metz - (202) 266-4470

Contract Number: N00178-04-D-4010

Title: Seaport Enhanced

Total Value (Ceiling): $38 Billion

Period of Performance: April 5, 2004 - April 4, 2019

AMERICAN SYSTEMS and our team members (PDF) are proud to be able to offer our engineering and technical services to Navy customers in all seven geographic zones under the SEAPORT Enhanced contract. We have compiled a diverse team with offices across the country in order to provide excellent, innovative solutions and dedicated technical services (PDF).

QA Program: Quality Assurance of AMERICAN SYSTEMS products and services will be performed throughout the life cycle of the contractual activity or the design, development, and integration of the product. Those QA procedures to be implemented are documented in the Program/Project Management Plan (PMP) or the manufacturing plan. The PMP, which will include a discussion of the quality elements for the products and services to be provided, is required to be approved at the program/project kickoff meeting and will be posted in the Project Development Tool (PDT) folder in MS Outlook. AMERICAN SYSTEMS will invoke the applicable tenets of Standard Policies and Procedures (SPP) 16 in the purchasing documents we provide to our subcontractors/vendors, which will constitute a formal flowdown of requirements that the subcontractor/vendor must meet in executing their scope of work.

Task Orders/Technical Instruction 

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