Through our government-wide acquisition contracts and indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract vehicles, U.S. government agencies can make flexible and convenient decisions when purchasing services and solutions offered by AMERICAN SYSTEMS.
We know what's at stake.
Defense Forensic Enterprise System (DFES) to the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL)


Total Value (Ceiling): $145M

Period of Performance: 2009 - 2014

Description: Team AMERICAN SYSTEMS offers support through the Defense Forensic Enterprise System (DFES) to the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL) in a broad range of services and solutions designed to meet the various forensic-oriented mission needs of the organization. As team members, we deliver a specialized set of skills to the Office of the Provost Marshal General, the United States Army Military Police School, The Criminal Investigation Division Command, USACIL, and other organizations through task order awards on the DFES contract.

This contract vehicle can be used to support the USACIL laboratories in Forest Part, GA, and the Pentagon, Washington, DC as well as a variety of locations world-wide. Through this vehicle, customers can acquire a variety of forensics support services in such areas as Policy, Doctrine, Product Analysis, Integration Analysis, Research Support, Systems Integration, Test and Evaluation Support, Training Support and Development, Subject Matter Expert Support, Functional Area Assessments, Lessons Learned, Database Development, Instructor-Student Task Analysis, Staff Support, Exercise Support, Organizational Analysis, Lean Six Sigma, Criminal Investigations Support, Forensic Analysis, Forensic Operations, Modeling and Simulation, Collaborative Computing, Information Sharing for Virtual Environments, Rapid Development and Deployment of Information, Training Technologies, Basic Research, Support in the area of Information Technologies and/or Structured engineering trade studies, Develop engineering total cost of ownership analysis, Leverage technologies.

Contract Vehicle Available to: Military Services, DoD, and other federal government agencies

AMERICAN SYSTEMS Program Manager: Mike Schutte 703-576-6401

AMERICAN SYSTEMS Partners:  Future Technologies, Inc. (FTI)

                                                   System Planning Corporation (SPC)

                                                   The Bode Technology Group, Inc.

                                                   Strategic Operational Solutions, Inc.

                                                   SNA International

                                                   St. Mary's University Center for Terrorism Law

                                                   Azimuth Incorporated

Government Contact(s):   Joyce M. Walsh

                                         CH, BASOPS Division

                                         Directorate of Contracting

                                         Mission Installation Contracting Command

                                         MICC - Ft. Gordon

                                         Building 29718, 3rd Floor

                                         B Street

                                         Fort Gordon, GA 30905

                                         Commercial 706.791.1837

                                         DSN 780

For more information on the DFES contract, visit our DFES website