Through our government-wide acquisition contracts and indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract vehicles, U.S. government agencies can make flexible and convenient decisions when purchasing services and solutions offered by AMERICAN SYSTEMS.
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Cabling Hardware Installation Purchasing Systems (CHIPS)

Points of Contacts
Rick Jones (VP National Services)
 (P) 703-968-5145

AMERICAN SYSTEMS Bremerton Washington
Randy Brezler (Project Manager)
(P) 360-981-2064

General Services Administration:
Frank Parker (Contracting Officer)
General Services Administration
400 15th ST S.W.
Auburn, WA  98001-6599
(P) 253-931-7453
General Services Administration:
Ms. Kayleen Huggart (Contracting Specialist)
General Services Administration
400 15th ST S.W.
Auburn, WA  98001-6599
(P) 253-931-7530

Introduction and Background
Currently there is not a contract vehicle which allows for small (3K) to larger (500K) purchases of telecommunications cabling equipment and installation services.  This new procurement will allow federal agencies in Region 10 to make small or large cabling purchases for installation services, equipment and labor.  This procurement will enhance the ability to meet Region 10 customer agencies needs and requirements for short turn around requirements, small as well as large (500K) cabling installation services and will be utilized as an enhancement to current national contracts.
This contract vehicle will provide federal agencies the ability to purchase complete cabling installation service to provide a complete solution such as a wide variety of station cabling (category 5e, 6, 6a, 6e, fiber, etc.), labor hours for repair or programming/reprogramming of equipment, RJ-11 and RJ-45 jacks, data racks, and patch cords in various colors in a quick and efficient manner.  
The objective of this contract is to provide GSA Region 10 Area of Responsibility (AOR) the flexibility to attain services for the installation and de-installation of cabling service. This is to include ALL facets of services including but not limited to DUCT work, Conduit for cabling, cable trays etc. 

AMERICAN SYSTEMS is responsible for providing equipment and support services to meet the Government's objectives and to provide cabling installation and de-installation services for Federal Agencies in locations throughout Region 10 which includes Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  American Systems shall ensure that equipment and services provided are in compliance with industry standards and Government (local, state, and Federal) regulations. Also, AMERICAN SYSTEMS shall accept requests to add, move, change, and disconnect equipment and services. 

GSA may request equipment and support services for other locations and remote equipment in GSA's Region 10.  Additional equipment and support requirements may result from customer agency growth, including existing and new customers, relocation of customer sites and any other activity that involves around the growth, relocation and/or reduction of customer requirements. 

Period of Performance
The base period of performance is date of award through 01-Jan-2011.  The contract has four option periods of 12 months each.  If all option periods are exercised the contract will have duration of 60 months.  The 60 months can be extended for an additional 180 days, if the government requires it in accordance with the Option to Extend Services clause 52.217-8 for a maximum possible performance period of 60 months and 180 days. The government is not obligated to exercise the optional periods. 

The period of performance is as follows:
Base Year Contract effective date through 30SEP2011
Option I 01OCT11 through 30SEP2012
Option II 01OCT12 through 30SEP2013
Option III 01OCT13 through 30SEP2014
Option IV 01OCT14 through 30SEP2015


Place of Performance 
The contract will provide equipment and services within the Northwest Arctic (Region 10) area which covers the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.  The place of performance may also include additional areas of responsibility in which the funds are controlled by agency funds managers from Region 10.