What We Do

AMERICAN SYSTEMS is a government services contractor focused on delivering valued services to our customers in areas of National Priority...that is keeping our nation and its citizens safe from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
We know what's at stake.

​To reduce day-to-day management costs and optimize our customer's operations, AMERICAN SYSTEMS' Managed Services capability offers end-to-end services, including test & evaluation, call and contact centers, help desks, and global distance support services. We also deliver physical security support services, management training, and organizational development under the managed services model.  We take responsibility and accountability for all functions required to deliver the service.

We are vendor agnostic which enables us to make objective choices when recommending the best solutions for our customers. Available internationally, our services support operations both on and off customer sites and facilities.

With our developed hierarchy, multi-functional processes in managed services require an AMERICAN SYSTEMS manager and supporting staff rather than simple staff augmentation.  This ensures limited mistakes and customer trust and satisfaction. The customer has a trusted, reliable partner to manage and execute the functions and tasks that require outside support.

We have expertise in:

  • Business Operations
  • Test & Evaluation
  • Call Center Operations
  • Technical Operations
  • Training Operations