What We Do

AMERICAN SYSTEMS is a government services contractor focused on delivering valued services to our customers in areas of National Priority...that is keeping our nation and its citizens safe from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
We know what's at stake.
Identity Intelligence

​The work of Identity Intelligence is about more than the understanding of a single modality. It requires detailed knowledge of analytical sciences, tools, technology, data sets, and distributed data networks. AMERICAN SYSTEMS has a proven track record of successfully integrating skills, ranging from applied biometrics to critical worldwide identity management applications and in-depth forensic signal analysis of battlefield improvised explosive device threats, to deliver the full scope of Identity Intelligence services. ID_Intel.JPG

Our corporate history is closely tied to mission-critical programs where we have established ourselves as a reliable and successful source within the law enforcement, intelligence, and healthcare communities.

Our established Identity Intelligence practice is built around a repeatable lifecycle framework. This framework is an integrated collection of specialized skills comprised of such diverse elements as biometric/forensic material processing, scientific and technical analysis, tool development, software solutions, data integration, and training. The benefits of our methodology have delivered value for the law enforcement, defense, homeland security, intelligence, and healthcare communities as well as international partners.

Identity Intelligence Capabilities Currently Provided to U.S. Government and Allied Customers:

Biometric, Forensic and Digital Enabled Intelligence

  • Latent Print Extraction, Photography, Examination
  • Electronic Data Recovery (media, cell phones, etc.)
  • Counter-IED Forensics
  • Signal Detection, Collection, and Analysis
  • Biometric Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Algorithm Development
  • Rapid Hardware Prototyping
  • Test and Evaluation Services
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Safety, Security and Logistics
  • Facility Management, Technical and Administrative Services Support


  • Total Operational Picture for Biometric Support Services
  • Federated Data Search for Biometrics
  • Automated Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS)
  • Secure Data Sharing & Mobile Technologies
  • Large Scale Biometrics Enrollment and Identity Management
  • Legacy Systems Migration
  • Advanced Data Visualization & Analytics
  • Rapid Software Prototyping
  • Forensic Time Management, Production and Report Streamlining and Court Testimony Preparation

Simulation and Training

  • Virtual Training Systems
  • Immersive Training Systems
  • Distance Learning & Courseware
  • Electronic Classrooms & Learning Management Systems

Identity IT Services

  • Identity management, IT, and engineering services
  • Subject matter expertise in systems/network engineering and analysis; information assurance; cybersecurity; operational training; science and technology integration; and intelligence operational lifecycle needs
  • Software development and large systems integration capabilities, customized training products and training services
  • Cloud computing solutions
  • Case management applications
  • Transactional Database systems
  • Multi-modal integration
  • Engineering and installation services that include copper, fiber optics, wireless, equipment integration, Data Center solutions, Unified Communications, network management and security solutions
  • End-to-end services, including test and evaluation, call and contact centers, help desks, and global distance support services
  • Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Disaster Recover Planning (DRP

Industry Participation/Accreditation

  • Interagency Biometrics Standards Working Group (IBSWG)
  • Amazon Web Services GovCloud Partner
  • International Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS)
  • ISO 9001:2008-Registered Processes
  • Software Engineering Institute (CMMI L3)